"Don't Hide Your Gift"

"Don't Hide Your Gift"

“Don’t Hide Your Gift”

My take on the parable of the talents

Most people know this parable, if you’ve never heard it, here’s a recap.

A master goes away on a trip, prior to leaving he gives money (talents) to his servants. To the first he gives five talents, the second he gives two talents, and the third he gives one talent. When the master returns he inquires about what they did with their talents. The first servant increased his talents to ten ,the second to four, and the third servant hide his talent (for some reason).

Of course the master was pleased with the first two servants because they used their talents well, and he then allowed them to enjoy the increase they created. The third,  servant tried to explain himself, he basically said “Master I know you’re a harsh man reaping  where you don’t sow, and gathering where you don’t have seed ,so I hide my talent.” The master was upset and said if you know this about me you could have at least put my money in the bank!” The master then took his talent and cast the servant into darkness.

You can read the full parable Mathew 25:14-28.

Sis, I want to focus on the man with one talent because when I read this story I had a far different view than I have had before. I considered the man with one talent as someone who has experienced lost, failure, or lack of direction (that’s why he hid his talent). Truth is we all have different experiences that shape the way we handle the talent given to us by God. Some of us were raised with support and security, and others grasping for it. Therefore, when a talent, gift, or level of creativity is revealed to us our reaction could be to hide what makes us great. Fear, doubt, and insecurity tend to creep in.

I want to encourage to you nourish those things that God has placed inside  that make you stand out from the crowd. Your past experiences built you for this, sis. Just look at how far you’ve overcome,  what you have accomplished, and the decision you made to forgive was major! The blessing we have is God won’t throw you away, he does not focus on your past or your present state. What he looks for is your surrender to his love and guidance.

As we end this year of uncertainty, I pray that you would no longer hide your talent (yourself) because there is so much God has in store for you, his love is certain. The fact that you are still here today means that your value is more precious than rubies. Once you begin to to unleash your talent you will spark a light in someone else to come out of hiding. Before you know it you won’t have time to feed your fear because you will be busy using your talent. 

She’s-A-Praya is a result of this.  I was intentional about my prayer time when COVID-19 hit, I then exercised extreme obedience when God spoke by creating this journal, and I’m allowing him to shape me along the way. I was not worried about the crowds buy-in, I just focused on what God told me to do.  His word was “Come out of hiding I have work for you to.” It’s a blessing that I now see others being blessed because I’m no longer in hiding.

Here are the tools I used:

1. I fasted on purpose with a purpose.
-The purpose was to remove everything from me that did not identify with what God was saying about me. Also, to help me deal with pain from a few things I had experienced.
2. I read good books that empowered me and shaped my mindset to pursue purpose vigorously.
  • “Undaunted”by Christine Caine
  • “Don’t Settle for Safe” by Sarah Jakes-Roberts
  • “Dangerous Prayers” by Craig Groeschel
  • “Believe Bigger” Marshawn Evans Daniels 

 Each of these books opened my mind and spirit up to something new God was trying to show me. As I have walked through this year, the titles and quotes ring in my ears as reminders of what God said and who he called me to be.  I feel like it should go without saying that I actually read the Bible,  too. I began to study the book of judges because I wanted to know more about Deborah, I read  the books of Ruth, and Esther as well. Do you see where I’m going with this? They are all courageous women standing firm in their time with God guiding them along the way. I rose from this time of prayer and fasting different. I tried new things and found my voice in God again. Unlike the way I entered into 2019. I was broken thinking Lord, I ain’t got time for this in another year.....

So sis, that’s what I want for you. I want you to pray dangerous prayers, believe bigger, and pursue what God has called you do undaunted. 

 Let’s Pray

Lord, thank you for preparing my purpose before I was formed in my mother’s womb. I pray that you would help me release myself from the past and receive your guidance on my future.  Thank you for equipping me with  what I need to become who you called me to be and placing godly support along my path of purpose. I now confess that I’m ready to come out of hiding and embrace who you called me to be. I make a decision now to be courageous, strategic, and yielded to your process for my purpose. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. 

 Proverbs 31:25

She is clothed in dignity and strength, and she laughs without fear of the future. 


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God bless you. This blessed my spirit. I am no in fasting and this empowered me.

Rochelle Barton

Thank you, Lisa, for this much needed reminder! I’m motivated to do what God called me to do. I have crazy faith that I can help heal teen girls for His kingdom. Take care, sis. God bless you!


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